Childcare Flooring

When it comes to ensuring a safe environment at your childcare centre, various measures must be taken to reduce the risk of danger and accidents.

Besides child friendly furniture and maintenance of optimum hygiene, another factor to take into account is the material you use for your day care flooring.

As childcare centres carry the responsibility of keeping children safe when they are away from their parents, it is imperative that meticulous care is taken to ensure this aim is met.

Dalsouple can help as we offer rubber childcare flooring that delivers a range of benefits.

Why Use Rubber Childcare Flooring?

Rubber childcare flooring provides a range of benefits. These include:

  • Affordable and resilient, providing a lifespan of over 20 years.
  • Durable and hard wearing so it won’t be quickly worn out by children running and crawling on it.
  • Soft and comfortable surface, providing even more benefits for children.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance – especially useful for childcare centres as children often play on the floor.
  • Shock absorbent – items dropped on the floor is less likely to break easily.
  • Slip resistant – reduces the risk of children falling and injuring themselves while running.

Rubber flooring provides the benefit of being hygienic and easy to clean.

This ensures children are less likely to be exposed to germs, bacteria and viruses when they are playing on the floor.

Furthermore, rubber flooring provides a soft surface while being slip resistant, significantly reducing the chances of falls and injuries.

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