Museum Flooring

Dalsouple selected for colour, comfort and quietness!

Visiting the museum is a popular activity for children and adults alike.

As a result, museums experience a lot of foot traffic, especially with large and frequent groups of school classes and tourists.

With such a large volume of visitors, it’s crucial to install durable museum flooring to ensure a long-lasting result.

One such option is rubber flooring, which provides a comfortable surface for visitors to walk upon while remaining easy for staff to clean and maintain.

In addition, its long life span makes it one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions over time, making it ideal for indoor environments with heavy foot traffic.

Current users include:

  • National Museum of Australia, Canberra
  • MONA Art Gallery Tasmania
  • Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  • Melbourne Museum (pre history/dinosaur area)
  • Melbourne Museum (Road safety exhibition)
  • MCG, National Sports Museum, Melbourne
  • Power House Museum, The Universal Machine exhibition (now called Cyberworlds)
  • Shepparton Arts Museum (completing 2019)
  • Federation Square (under specification via BKK and Second floor) completing late 2019
  • Butterfly House, Hong Kong
  • Dusseldorf “Kunsthalle” Museum of Modern Art. GERMANY.
  • Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art, New York. USA 
  • Cité des Sciences de la Villette 
  • Parc des Expo Paris Musée de la Poste Paris 
  • Théâtre de Saumur 
  • Bibliothèque Médiathèque Dardilly Lyon École des Ursulines 
  • Paris Centre Culturel du Marais 
  • Paris Musées des Invalides 
  • Paris Cinéma Hall d’expo Défense Paris 
  • La Maison d’Alsace Champs Elysées
  • Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery East Wing
  • Natural History Museum, London
  • Tate Museum/Art Gallery, England 
  • Ferrari Museum, Italy

Why Install Rubber Museum Flooring?

Installing Dalsouple rubber flooring within a museum can provide numerous benefits. In addition to being cost-effective, it also boasts the following advantages over other flooring types:

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