REMP Hyperclean (CET)


Rubber floor Concentrated Enzyme Technology Cleaner

REMP HYPERCLEAN is the long awaited cleaning liquid for rubber floors.

Originally produced for REMP rubber it can be used on other floors in the iRubber line-up of resilient floors.

Including, Dalsouple, Roppe and Staticworx flooring systems.

Cost: AUD $49.75 per 1 litre bottle (illustrated) including postage and handling!

The Australian made product utilises a proprietary multi-enzyme blend to break down oil, grease and food waste on all SBR rubber floor surfaces, and now can be used on even hard floor applications to clean grouting in restaurant and commercial industries.

  • Multi- function enzyme cleaning with REMP Hyperclean.
  • pH Neutral- Soap Free- Septic Safe- No Palm OilGrease  and oils are lifted out naturally and saves on time and water as no rinsing is needed.
  • Grease  and oils are lifted out naturally and saves on time and water as no rinsing is needed.
  • Highly sustainable as enzymes degrade
  • Other competitors use high volume ingredients  such as surfactants, builders and soaps.
  • Enhanced cleaning performance- combining several enzymes can remove stains and achieve a better clean than singular enzyme formulations.
  • Low energy consumption by enzyme activity even at room temperature can be achieved. No need to use high temperature water in cleaning floors. This saves on heating water  and therefore  lowers  the carbon foot print.
  • Can be washed down drains allowing further elimination of grease and food waste while enzymes do the work.
  • The advanced Hyper Clean is a No Rinse Floor Cleaner- that leaves a non-slip film on the floor surface after cleaning. This increases the slip co-efficient which benefits worker and customer safety. 
  • The cleaner is non-odorous, and the enzymes actually destroy odours as they activate over time.

Continued research of REMP Hyperclean has lead to the extension of useful performance to now, kitchen, bathroom, lino, wooden and even concrete floors.

(Concentrated Enzyme Technology