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  • eg: DalTex
  • eg: Pastille Alpha
  • eg: 682mm x 682mm
  • Dalsouple recommends a minimum thickness of 2.5mm for floors ( eg: 2.5mm )
  • eg: Vert Ecossais
  • m2
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 20.
    Minimum Qty – 20 m2
  • Installation – Installation shall be in strict accordance with BS8203 approved methods, or local equivalent.Tiles should be laid broken-bonded in all cases.Back of each tile should be brushed prior to installation.Plaques should be back rolled prior to installation.Installation shall be carried out by an experienced installer: Installation shall be deferred until all other work that might cause damage to the flooring is completed and the floor must be protected after installation.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – Cleaning and maintenance shall be in accordance with the Dalsouple Guidelines.
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