Rubber Stairs

Many homes and offices have multiple levels, with a staircase used to provide quick and easy access from one level to another.

However, in both homes and workplaces, it’s important to consider the safety of your staircase to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

One such method is to install rubber stair treads and noses upon each step.

At the moment, Dalsouple rubber is available in only tiles for stairs tread and stair nosing forms are no longer produced.

Dalsouple Rubber Stair Treads & Nosings

This year (2022) Dalsouple is undergoing major production upgrades- so in the interim – stair systems will be sourced from primarily from Roppe Inc through iRubber. 

Click here to go directly to Roppe and  their stair system info*.

If more colours are required then as a back up we would direct you to Roppe Inc and their stair systems.

Fundamentally both companies will provide a Uni-Step system and are based in the United States. Lead times are 3 weeks to produce.

Stair treads come in many styles but are usually round stud profiled in 3.1mm thicknes and available in the following widths:

  • 0.91m (3ft)
  • 1.29m (4ft)
  • 1.52m (5ft)
  • 1.82m (6ft)

They are available in one piece called a Uni-Step which includes stair and riser made as one complete unit.

In addition, visual insert (VI) strips that give a 30% contrast can be specified and is mandatory in commercial applications.

“Glow-in-the dark” strips can also be specified and are embedded at the factory.

Our rubber treads help to prevent slips and falls, while our stair nosing improves visibility by highlighting the edge of each step.

Our range is also available in over 80 fantastic colours, ensuring you’ll find a suitable match for your staircase that is also highly visible.

Why Choose Dalsouple Rubber?

  • Dalsouple rubber is an ideal choice for both commercial premises and residential homes. In addition
  • Our stair treads help to increase grip on stairs, minimising accidents caused by slipping.
  • Our stair nosing systems improve visibility, marking the edge of each step to ensure it can be clearly seen even in low light.
  • Dalsouple is available in over 80 colour options, ensuring you’ll find the perfect colour match for any application.
  • Dalsouple rubber is available in only synthetic varieties.

iRubber are proud to stock (sometimes!) and supply Dalsouple rubber for a wide range of applications, including rubber stair treads and noses.

Most orders will take around 4 weeks to manufacture from order, – then you can select sea or air freight depending on urgency.

Get in touch with our friendly team today.