Dalsouple Acoustic in Bondi Apartment

Dalsouple 5mm rubber flooring in a Bondi apartment. Acoustically sound:) and a beautiful Chamois yellow colour. Ticks all the boxes for the units new owners wanting a sandy yet bright tone in their living areas yet needing something softy, quiet and easy underfoot with little maintenance. 50m2 of rubber flooring with a wow factor!

Dalsouple DalNatural -St Kilda Celts – Alma Park Pavilion

A radical floor colour was chosen by K20 Architecture for Cotter Floors to install at the recently opened Alma Park Pavilion in St Kilda. Proud home of the up and coming St Kilda Celts soccer team:)! DalNaturel was chosen in a “micro-pastille” texture. The texture is micro-dotted for extra slip resistance and sturdy enough for

Boost Juice Opens more Outlets with Dalsouple

A fresh burst of colour splashes its way across Boost Juice outlets with Dalsouple’s exquisite hues. 5 of the first lot of 20 stores have been completed. There are about 200 outlets throughout Australia so drop by, grab a Boost Juice and get a feel for the flavour of our French Dalsouple rubber while you’re

DalNaturel- Need to know…

It’s a common misconception among specifiers that modern rubber flooring is a “natural” product. In most cases it is simply not! In fact, virtually all the rubber flooring on the market today is made from synthetic chemical compounds. Styrene-butadiene rubber (abbreviated to SBR) is more commonly known as “industrial rubber”. Capable of being modified with

Dalsouple re-jigs for ’15 – Bright new future looms with confidence

Under the creative guidance and perserverence of Dalsouple France’s CEO Pascal Le Saec some creative new ways of promoting Dalsouple have been developed. The web-site is being modified for easier use with numerous modifications to make it more user friendly. Dalsouple recognise the importance of making people aware of the product outside Europe changing from

Dalsouple’s French Rubber Revolution

Domestic market set to soar Over the last 2 years in Australia certain trends have emerged. There is certainly more freedom with the economy bouncing back with a frenzy of home buyers snavelling up whatever they can or can’t really afford in the hope that things will be better in their future. The renovators and

Bounce Around Melbourne

Great Architects/Designers Bounce has been to see Hi This is my first ever post. A bit about me…. as of the 5th of August 2015 I was just 8 weeks and 5 days old -and weighed about as much as a large Dalsouple plaque- 7.5kg!. (update at 16 weeks on 28 September-a strapping 16kg) This

Dalsouple under new ownership Nov 2015

In receivership since July 2014, the company was taken over Saumur Dalsouple today Wednesday before the Commercial Court of Angers by AB Rubber in Bouchemaine. (editors note: Bouchemaine is situated about 65km from the previous location  of Dalsouple in Saumur, and remains connected via the Loire valley and  lies about 300km to the sout-west of Paris)

Flatness #1 Problem

The Importance of Flatness Reasons for gaps and peaks in floor finishes Sometimes the final “look” of a flooring is not as it appears in the promotional literature and advertising. Why? Here we have to realise that the flooring is perfectly laid in the imagery on a “perfectly” flat  and smooth surface. It shows an