Dalsouple can make 29 textures in any of the standard 80 colours or almost any pantone colour at no extra cost. 

*Minimum quantity is now 28m2 (effective 23rd August 2022)

Prices vary between textures and thicknesses.

As of this date 23rd August 2022 Dalsouple’s production capabilities have been advanced to the following specifications.

New Dalsouple started the production over 2 years ago.

We continue to work on the different technical points: 

About the colours, we have been able to validate  30 colours.

Today, even if the 80 colours of our catalogue are not realized yet, we consider that we are able to make them.

We also tuned to produce some RAL and Pantone colours. 

Concerning the UNISMOOTH collection, we can produce the thickness 2.5mm in a standard formula and in the dimension 650x650mm; the other thicknesses (3 and 4mm) are also available. 

*The most popular texture is DalUni smooth.

DalUni Smooth

Not many other companies make rubber flooring in smooth rubber and solid colours. 

Like DalTex Micro reliefs, DalUni tiles are available in 682mm x 682mm x 2.5mm.  

Minimum for flooring is 2.5mm, but also available in 1.5mm and 2mm for walling and benches, or thicker at 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

DalTex standard sizes are 682mm x 682mm x 2.5mm.

Some are also available in 3.5mm, 4mm and 5mm.


Click here to download the brochure.

Our most popular textures are R10 slip rated Pastille Alpha and Pastille Mini Alpha as well as Granita with a P3 rating.

These textures are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, break out areas, office floors, stairs, and anywhere where a higher degree of anti-slip is needed.

DalMicro reliefs available in 682mm x 682mm tile sizes.

Note: Point de Diamant has been replaced by Crystal

*We no longer produce the MicroPastille, Martele and Petit Cannelé.