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Dalsouple® Australasia (a division of  iRubber P/L – a multi-rubber floor sourcing company) has been selling Dalsouple® rubber flooring to Australia and New Zealand for 26 years.

With over 26 years of experience in the rubber flooring industry, we can provide a wide range of rubber solutions, including rubber commercial and domestic flooring, and rubber wall base products.

  • You decide, you choose!
  • Globally sourced, high quality rubber manufacturers.
  • It’s entirely up to the customer to decide what flooring they are really after and not be dictated by a sole supplier.
  • We are always here to help! Need advice on what you should be looking at? After all, it is going to be there with you for many years. So make it a wise choice -based on advice from our experienced team at Dalsouple.

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Typical promo booth displaying what Dalsouple does best- Colourful rubber flooring!
Typical promo booth displaying what Dalsouple does best- Colourful rubber flooring!

More on Dalsouple…

Dalsouple® Australasia was one of the few suppliers of sustainable rubber flooring in Australia and New Zealand. The French company is currently (as of Nov 2019) re-tooling, and at this stage is no longer producing DalNaturel.

Effective as of 2017 Dalsouple DalNaturel is no longer manufactured due to prohibitive costs and the threat of raw material supply issues. Also of concern has been clear felling of forests and deforestation in areas most suited to rubber tree growth coupled with sociology-economic reasons.

Although our biggest seller was Dalsouple® DalNaturel rubber new age flooring,  it has now been replaced by SBR manufacture (Synthetic Butadiene Rubber).

We also sell recycled, synthetic, and ESD varieties for indoor and outdoor uses. No matter what the application, no job is too big or too small… as long as it is above 25m2 😉

If you do require colourful rubber in 4m2 increments then explore iRubber.com.au and look up Roppe on the products guide.

2020 heralds in new production capabilities from the newly re-located factory in Bouchemaine, 300km from Paris.

The importance of sustainability of this product and letting designers and architects know about the product is crucial. Please spread the word!

Again, the minimum order quantity for Dalsouple is 25m2.

For most large orders allow 12 weeks to arrive, and for small orders allow 5 as we express air freight.

Basic Facts about Rubber Flooring

Typically rubber is considered an organic material as it comes from the sap of the rubber tree. However – the main type of “rubber” flooring is synthetic or SBR grade. It is cheaper, more scratch resistant, anti- allergenic and hardens over time while being simpler to clean than other conventional rubber floors. Yet for flooring purposes in the United States, manufacturers will recycle items, such as rubber tyres, into this versatile flooring. This manufacturing process is ideal for homeowners who are considering eco-friendly flooring alternatives.

Rubber is water resistant and can handle harsh chemicals (one of the reasons why it can often be found in commercial or industrial settings), and offers a soft, cushioned feeling underfoot. With the development of flooring technology, manufacturers can offer a wide range of patterns, colours and designs to make this material desirable in residential spaces.

You may find rubber floor tiles with rounded spot or coin patterns or have the same ridge patterns that you would find on textured stone tiles. The colour scheme for rubber tile is enormous, as you can find solid colours and mottled colours. Some homeowners will create patterns, motifs and murals on their floor by using different coloured rubber tiles.

Rubber has a well-earned reputation for being able to endure almost any abuse without getting scraped, marked or dented. Imagine if you took that same rubber, made a thick, super-strong version of it in attractive patterns and colours, and manufactured flooring tiles out of it. That is exactly what rubber floor tiles are. Many rubber tiles are even made from recycled materials, making an already green product even greener.

There are several benefits to rubber floor tiles over conventional flooring methods like wood, regular tile, or vinyl. Rubber tiles are one of the sturdiest flooring materials on the market.

They are effectively impervious to water, naturally resist stains, and are resilient to scuffing. Rubber flooring was originally engineered for extremely high-traffic public areas that thousands of people walk on daily. It is designed to stand up to the harshest abuse you can give it.

Why Choose us?

Dalsouple® rubber tiles are durable and strong, ensuring a long life span.

While we offer a 10 year guarantee, our rubber products can be expected to last up to 35 years.

We believe in promoting sustainable products, such as rubber flooring and rubber wall base products that are not going to be thrown out as landfill at the end of their life.

To learn more about why rubber is more sustainable, read our post on Why Choose Rubber. We offer an advisory service to architect firms, builders and the domestic market. We also sell other rubber products from the US, available for both commercial and domestic flooring and more; please navigate through our side menu to view these.

Interior designers believe our colour range is exciting, vibrant and unsurpassed by any other competitor, making our products ideal for a wide range of uses, including aged care flooring and commercial flooring.

No one makes rubber flooring in Australia any more, with all of it now being imported.

The majority of other rubber on the market today is either recycled (from car or truck tyres) or synthetic (SBR, from the by-product of crude oil).

Dalsouple® has featured on Grand Designs UK and ‘The WOW Factor’ TV shows, and used by the architect of Grand Designs Australia, Peter Maddison, at Melbourne Airport.

In the last 6 years, Dalsouple® DalNaturel rubber wall base and new age flooring was specified by many top architects in Australia and so installed on many iconic buildings such as:

  • MONA (Hobart)
  • Macquarie Bank (Sydney)
  • Fairfax Media House(Melbourne)
  • Melbourne Grammar School
  • Qantas(Melbourne)
  • Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne
  • ANZ Bank (Auckland, NZ)
  • MLC
  • Bank West Tower Perth
  • RMIT, CIT(Canberra), UTS, UTAS(Sydney), RMIT(Melbourne)

See more projects by Dalsouple – dalsouple.com.au/our-projects/

Rubber flooring is one of the most durable resilient floorings there is.

The rubber flooring that has been down at Old Parliament house in Canberra has lasted 60 years, and at Brisbane airport aero bridges 26 years. 

Our record for Dalsouple® is 15 years at Technocity in 17 computer stores in Sydney.

Service You Can Rely On!

At Dalsouple, we know that flooring is one of the most important investments for a client.

Many domestic flooring customers take their time to carefully select what they want to put on their floor as they feel so passionate about it.

This is why we aim to provide tailored advice and assistance, guiding you through our range of flooring options and helping you to make the right choice to suit your needs.  

Our service doesn’t end there, though – we’re always in contact with our major suppliers nearly every day, to ensure we can help arrange a prompt delivery for your project!