UV issues with colour

Below are summaries of general terms and conditions with maintenance instructions supplied by Dalsouple France. Included is the overriding documentation from iRubber that applies to all Australasian and international sales sourced from Australia.

Please be aware that when specifying DalNaturel as the type of Dalsouple required, any type of enhancement of the product is not possible.

This mean that  extra UV (EUV) inhibitors (that helps prevent yelllowing in lighter colours in direct daylighting), extra flame retardance, (EFR) and other enhancements such as Oil and Grease resistrant (OGR) cannot be put into to the formulation.

Once additional “enhancements” are required the flooring can no longer be classified as a “natural” product, so has to be made in SBR formulation.

Always check on the environment or area where the material is to be installed and ask for advice on the correct selection of product from the Dalsouple range. The onus is on the purchaser to undertake due diligence and research prior to ordering and purchase.

Pay particular attention in areas subject to high moisture (especially from the substrate) and areas prone to direct and/or unfiltered daylight. The latter may cause Dalsouple colours to fade (especially red) or “yellow” if lighter colours are used. Warranty does not cover UV/colour degradation or discoloration.

Lack of carbon black* in these colours- for tonality reasons reduces- longevity of colours. Eventually colours will fade with UV attack and cannot be prevented. Aftermarket products to correct discolouration when damage has occured is not possible in our experience.

If you anticipate discolouration may occur in a pasrticular area, it is advisable to order addtional product to replace installed materials at a later date.

*As a point of interest carbon black is what makes car tyres black- and is used to prevent solar/UV degradation of the tyre walls. Car tyres would actually be a light tan colour were it not for a sort of printers ink injected into the formulation of the vulcanised rubber.