The French DalWax Matte CLD50 wax supplied should be applied by a lambs wool applicator.

It is applied sparingly after the stripping agent  DSD10 has been applied, allowed to sit for 5 minutes or so and then removed by a string mop or micro-fibre mop until the water rinses clear.

Once the surface is completely dry, apply the undiluted wax very thinly with a lambs wool applicator.

One way in the up and down style. 

Allow to dry between coats (up to 4 hours maybe necessary depending on the climate of the room).

Then the next way in left to right style. 

The final dried finish should appear even (if coating has been in a consistently thin thickness.)

Depending on room temperature and humidity – drying times may vary. 

Normally  about 1 hour between coats is OK- but if unsure – give it 4 or so hours between coats.

If the surface appears “crazed” then the wax has been applied too thickly or not enough time has been allowed between coats.

If it is a problem, simply strip back a re-start as per the above instructions.

DalWax Matte CLD50 -1 litre bottle covers 50m2  in undiluted format.

It’s always best to select an expert installer.

The links below gives you the MSDS data sheet. 

DalWax 1 Litre Bottle (Cire Matte or Cire Gloss)- covers 50m2 in 2 thin coats.