Under the creative guidance and perserverence of Dalsouple France’s CEO Pascal Le Saec some creative new ways of promoting Dalsouple have been developed.

The web-site is being modified for easier use with numerous modifications to make it more user friendly.

Dalsouple recognise the importance of making people aware of the product outside Europe changing from looking inwards inprevious decades to realise and accept that we work in a global economy.

Production lines are being modified and  some edundant (slow moving lines of profiles) have been removed.

This has led to greater efficiencies.

DalCove has been deleted as there were production problems, and shear handling of materials from one side of the plant top the other side became rather costly.

We have now partnered with iRubber Australia to replace  this gap, with the added benefit that we can make coving to different heights and in some case complex profiles that suit interiors where more classical looks are demanded.

In fact research has shown that there is a growing demand for this market especially in apartment fitouts. No longer do builders have to navigate into an elevator and through a building with long wooden plinthes that need to be primed and painted. The new after market rubber coving from iRubber simply is rolled into a coil and unfurled on site. Up to 36m in length at a time!

New colours are also in the offing

Faster production times are also looking good. In some cases dropping from the standard four (4) weeks to just three (3) weeks.

Dalsouple always has had the quality look and feel and this will be re-emphased. Impressively- as an example- when a house is put on the market and the name Dalsouple  flooring is mentioned, potential buyers come knocking. The buyers associate the quality of the house they are potentially buying and the flooring is a good indicator of value and style they are after.