Dalsouple used to manufacture Dalsouple DalNaturel rubber flooring that was a natural, sustainable flooring products and contributed to Greenstar points for Office Interiors or NABERS ratings for indoor air quality.

DalNaturel has now been installed on many Greenstar buildings in Australia, such as 6-star Macquarie Bank Sydney, 5-star Fairfax Media House Melbourne and 6-star The Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra. Download the Office Interiors excel spreadsheet which shows points for DalNaturel for Greenstar – as an example.

Unfortunately DalNaturel is not in production at the moment and 2019 may see the re-introduction depending on supply. Dalsouple is listed on Ecospecifer, the website that lists only sustainable, environmentally friendly products, click here DalNaturel is a green rubber floor material that has been tested to have extremely low VOC’s. These qualify below standard emissions (please view our test page).

The latest NABERS rating considers indoor air quality for offices, which is why many designers and architects are moving away from using some vinyls (which can include plasticisers and toxins). Fortunately, rubber is an excellent substitute that won’t impact on air quality. The Rubber Tree Some young people do not realise that there is actually a rubber tree. Click here to read about the history of rubber.

The latex (sap) that is tapped from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is processed into sheet rubber, with natural clay particles added to manufacture Dalsouple natural floor tiles. The rubber trees last until they are about 30 years old before the timber is chopped down and used for fuel and other uses. New rubber trees then replace the old plantations.

The rubber used in Dalsouple sustainable flooring is high-quality Malaysian rubber that is bought as a commodity on the open market before being shipped to France. The natural china clays we use are sourced from the UK. If you compare this to lino, green rubber floor tiles have a much smaller environmental footprint.

Lino often contains many ingredients, sourced from all over the world. As a result, rubber is a much more sustainable flooring option.

Product Stewardship – Green Rubber Flooring

We offer product stewardship, where we will arrange after uplift and loading by the client-  to take back the rubber we supply after its natural life and recycle it at a recycling centre if possible. We do not want the rubber to end up in landfill like other flooring products, such as vinyl and lino. At present time, there is little evidence of any company in Australia recycling lino or vinyl after it has been installed, resulting in it ending up in landfill. However, there are companies in Australia that will take old rubber and recycle it. On top of this, rubber can be recycled over and over again, making it one of the best sustainable flooring choices.

Please click here to download the standard Product Stewardship letter we have but we can adapt it for each individual project.

Dalsouple® green rubber flooring’s warranty is for 10 years but expected to last 15 to 20 years at least.

DalMagnetic rubber tiles have a flexible magnetised backing designed for use on metallic access panels.

Carbon Neutral and Carbon Positive

Dalsouple DalNaturel green rubber floor has been installed in the Carbon Neutral Building at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, where they held the Climate Change Summit. Click here to learn more.

We use ROHLIG Logistics for sea freighting, which is the cheapest way to get Dalsouple to Australia. We can now co-load smaller domestic shipments with our larger shipments, saving our customers money.

We’ve also used UPS  and QANTAS Couriers for air freight, where the cargo travels on the same plane as passenger planes. Fortunately, there will be no carbon tax on international aviation fuel, so our importing will not be affected.

As an Australian company, we support Earth Hour.

Future company developments include introducing a ‘wheelie bin’ at each installation so that all scrap rubber can be taken and recycled, or cut up and used for samples.

To learn more about Dalsouple sustainable, green rubber flooring, get in touch with us today. Call us on (03) 9773 9933 or complete our online contact form.