The link below summarises the fantastic qualities you get when you select rubber.

The article accepts that there is a price to pay- but apart from the initial costs- there is not much to disappoint. In saying that- personally I would steer away from recycled/granulated competitors materials as they are harder to clean and may delaminate.

History and Developments in the Natural Rubber Industry.

A comprehensive synopsis of rubber -past-present and future. Of note is a closing reference to rubber being utilised in earthquake prone structures, that could save lives.

“The future for natural rubber looks bright. Ever increasing volumes are being produced. At 5.92 million tonnes per annum, natural rubber has 39% of the world rubber consumption of 15.14 million tonnes per annum. The earthquake-bearing market will take off when people realise that such systems not only save lives, but also the contents of the buildings.” 

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House & Garden June 2016 Fitzroy Vic – Laundry

Rubber all the way with Fiona Murray- Architect